about this place

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Neither Fish Nor Fowl is a tiny independent operation located in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in high-quality goods--mostly illustrated, and mostly printed on paper (but sometimes printed on other things). We believe that hard work, a lighthearted approach, and keeping things small is better for everyone, and we do our best every day to avoid cutting corners and compromising our long-term goals for the purpose of maximizing profits. We believe in the energy of ink on paper, and the power of creative relationships. We're in this for the long haul, and hope you will join us for what could be a sustainable, rewarding, joyful journey.

hey jim, what happened to your studio/portfolio site?

Don't worry, the studio is still alive and well, just moved to a new address. Check out that little link at the bottom left of this page (the one that says "visit jimdatz.com"). Click it, and you'll be taken to a new fancypants portfolio site with all my previous and current work, a blog, and other fun stuff. As always, i'm available for commissions, especially editorial, publishing and music projects. Thanks for visiting!